I did not choose this vision. It chose me. It's bred into my own nature. I feel I'm just a vehicle, through which a certain type of perception gets recorded. All that is required is to let go.

In these images, we transcend time. It all depends on how it is perceived, to be understood. This work shows how, when recorded for longer periods, time can show another world from our normal perception.

These images allow us to see that there is more to just a rock, a landscape, a plant, an animal or even a human. There is something deeper inside each subject. We all have a specific energy. How we recognize, interact and reflect each other is very much present in every day life. It influences us.

I work from my intuition, allowing it to take me places I can't even imagine. Once I get there, submerged in the experience, surrendering, I allow the energy of the environment and the subject to be fully present. Then the dance begins.